Bhagwat's Vijayadashmi Greetings to BJP

[dc]Is[/dc] there any connection between the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s traditional Vijayadashmi speech delivered in Nagpur and the Bihar assembly poll prospects of the Bharatiya Janata Party-led NDA? Very much and most visibly at that. The tone and tenor of his speech appears to be fine-tuned and crafted for enhancing BJP’s victory prospects. The RSS […]

Is Nepal Turning Anti-India

[dc]If[/dc] the present and continuing phase of a deteriorating relationship between the two countries is any indication, Nepal’s love for India or vice-versa can only plummet further. Notwithstanding the desire expressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi that India was committed to strengthening the traditional bonds of friendship and kinship with the people of Nepal, Kathmandu […]

Mulayam Singh dumps Nitish Kumar for Uttar Pradesh

[dc]‘Netaji’[/dc] has done it again and not quite unexpectedly. It was in the offing for long, ever since Mulayam Singh declined to appear in the Patna rally of the “grand alliance” or the Maha-Gathbandhan, as it is called — between the JD (U), the RJD, the Congress and his Samajwadi Party. It seems the SP […]

Hardik Patel’s Agitation Casts a Shadow on Narendra Modi ?

[dc]Gujarat[/dc] is unlikely be the same again as it was under the unchallenged leadership of Narendra Modi as State’s Chief Minister for over a decade. The recent incidents of agitation and subsequent violence invites one to ponder if the period under Modi’s rule was unreal or what is being witnessed at present is temporary and […]

When Promises Tend to Outrun Performance

[dc]Has[/dc] the Narendra Modi government abysmally failed to deliver anything substantial during the past one year? Has the Prime Minister personally failed to live up to the aspirations and hopes that he himself raised during his euphoria inducing election campaign? [dc]Narendra[/dc] Modi, while on his campaign rampage, may scarcely have imagined, let alone expected, a […]